Table Talk

Conquer the holiday belly bulge with smart solutions from the fitness pros.

Hedy Alavi and Elise Hartly of Studio Pulse in Redondo Beach plan to spend Thanksgiving in town this year enjoying immediate family and friends. And, yes, they plan to indulge in all the traditional goodies. How do they do it? They follow a strict holiday regimen that includes spinning and sculpting at their studio and burning off calories in the days that follow. Here are five ways to stay fit and festive:

1. Eat small meals during the day if you plan to splurge a little in the evening.
2. Hydrate all day. Add lemon to make it interesting if you plan to have a few cocktails that evening.
3. Don’t deprive yourself of any food and practice eating in moderation. If you deprive yourself, you will only resent it and may overeat later.
4. Continue your fitness routine, even if your days/time for exercise might change. Plan it in your calendar and stick to it.
5. Look ahead to the New Year and how you want to make a presence in 2013 … strong, fit and healthy!

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