Taco Supreme

From a tiny outpost on the Hermosa Pier, Project Taco gives a popular menu item a gourmet makeover.


Stealthily, sneakily … like a science fair project you keep under wraps because you just know you’re going to win big … Project Taco arrives. It’s essentially a brick-and-mortar version of a foodie’s dream taco truck, but it doesn’t move—and that might come in handy if you’re a bit unstable on your feet and crave tacos after a night of drinking. 


No fools they, the Project Taco folks stay open until the wee hours in order to capture those post-bar Pier partiers. Whether the borrachos appreciate just how amazing the blueberry BBQ taco is or not, I can’t say.

But I appreciated it mightily in the light of a recent sunny Sunday afternoon on the Pier. Served with a heavenly blueberry sriracha BBQ sauce and a tangy apple-kale coleslaw, that taco rocked. 

Too often fusion tacos have been enslaved by Roy Choi’s Korean dominance, but here at Project Taco, the flavors range free and far and wide. From Thai-accented peanuty chicken to fiery wasabi tuna “salad” to a taco riff where very good, handmade corn tortillas replace that lox-draped bagel, Project Taco has something for everyone—including the kiddies and vegans in your tribe. (A recent Project Taco missive also mentioned new breakfast tacos too—gracias y pronto, por favor!)  

Proving snack food can be gourmet, these tacos are well worth the $3.50 they’re charging … and then some. And check out “Taco Tuesday,“ offering three tasty ones for $8 all day.

Project Taco

34 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach
424-247-7797, projecttaco.com




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