The Bear Necessities

Hermosa Beach’s Grizzzly offers basic fashions with fierce appeal.

On a recent lunch excursion along Hermosa Avenue, I discovered Grizzzly (yes, with three z’s). How I didn’t discover the five-year-old purveyor of hip, fashionable and affordable clothing before astounds me. I guess good things DO come to those who wait.

Though unassuming on the outside, it’s hard to miss Grizzzly’s whimsical, mountain-inspired interior. The name itself comes from California’s famous bear. “It’s a very unique name, and I feel it reflects our earthy theme,” says Asuka, one of the managers. Yuki Matsuda, who hand-made details like the tree limbs hanging from the ceiling, is responsible for the stores unique décor.

Turns out the retailer first opened in 1994 as an outdoor gear store, selling Patagonia and other similar brands. Birkenstock has been a mainstay of the store since the early days, still prominently displayed at the entrance. But that’s pretty much where the similarity ends these days.

Sure, the clothing is still casual and laid-back, perfect for South Bay’s chill crowd, but the fashions are anything but ordinary. “I have always loved nature themes with a trendy side, so when I started working at the store, I thought my taste would go with the store concept,” says Asuka. “We all love something that is affordable but looks great, so I set the prices accordingly. I just started buying what I love: earthy, trendy, unique and comfortable.”

New fashions arrive weekly, from soft cotton Alternative T-shirts to Palmercash men’s plaid shirts to adorable women’s print tops and dresses. Shares Asuka, “We like someone who knows how to look good in a simple way.”

901 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach