The Boys of Summer

Out of the Blue … Not quite teenagers and already sponsored, Austin (front) and brother, Shane, are riding surfing’s next competitive wave.

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    Stefan Slater

Shane Moseley, age 11, and his 9-year-old brother, Austin, are relaxing in a booth with their mother, Terry, at Watermans in Hermosa. Nicknamed “The Mose Bros” by their family and friends, the up-and-coming surfers hope to one day become the next Hobgoods of the surfing world. Shane is a team rider for ZICO, DVS, Body Glove, Dizm Eyewear and Spyder Surfboards, and Austin is currently a rider for Spyder. Jamie Meistrell of Body Glove coaches the boys on their surfing, and they spend most days practicing at their favorite spot right off 16th Street. During a casual chat over bean-and-cheese burritos and a couple of Cokes, we talk about their dream boards, ESPN, video games and why Kelly Slater could out-surf Joel Parkinson any day of the week.

"My surfing style is, like, I just sort of let go and go with the waves.”

Okay, guys, what kind of board do you usually ride?

Shane Mosley: I ride a 5’2” squash tail.

Austin Mosley: I ride a fish board, and I do not know how long it is. 

Is it taller than you?

AM: It’s taller than me.

I know you like to surf, but how do you guys like school?

AM: I like it half-and-half, because I get to learn new things, but the other half I don’t get to go out and explore.

Makes sense. So what do you like most about surfing?

SM: I just like how it frees my mind. And you have to be humble out there or else the waves will show you who is boss. 

You both must have favorite surfers you admire?

AM: My favorite is Parko (Joel Parkinson). 

SM: And I like Slater, Kelly Slater.

Austin, why Joel?

AM: He’s funny, and he’s a really good surfer.

Shane, same question … what is it about Kelly?

SM: Because he’s the king of surfing, and he, like, never loses—he’s like a machine. 

A little friendly competition for your two idols: Put them both out on boards, and who would win?

Austin: Parko.

Okay, why?

AM: Because Parko’s way better.

SM (jumping in): Slater won more contests and world titles, and he won the most world titles ever, so he’s obviously the better surfer.

Hmm. I guess you’ll agree to disagree. You both learning any new tricks?

AM: I’m just starting to do my snap. Last time I was out, I did my first snap. 

SM: I’m working on more vertical turns and, like, full rotating around. 

Nice. If you could surf anywhere, where would you go?

AM: Dubai, because they have the fastest and tallest roller coaster, and they have really good wave pools.

SM: I’d probably go to Bali, because it’s known as the land of lefts, and I’m goofy. 

Cool. I don’t think either place crossed my mind at your age. What else do you guys like to do, I mean, aside from surfing?

AM: I like to skate and play my favorite game, Minecraft.

I’ve played that before; it’s fun. Do you both play it?

AM: I play it, but Shane barely plays it.

Your mom said you both like watching ESPN.

AM: I don’t watch it; I watch “SpongeBob” or something.

SM: I like it, and I like skateboarding at the pier. 

Do you have a dream surfboard?

SM: One that Kelly Slater rode.

AM: Mine would be one that has my name on it, and it would have a giant “A” in the middle. And then it would be purple, and the “A” would be neon green. And it would be a short board, a 4’2”.

You really thought that out. What’s your surfing style like?

SM: More like this guy called Owen Wright. He’s goofy too and has a really good flow like I do.

AM: My surfing style is, like, I just sort of let go and go with the waves.

What are your goals with surfing? Do you want to go pro?

AM: I’ve always wanted to get a barrel, and I’m going to try and master a trick.

SM: I probably want to become a professional surfer and win more world titles than Kelly Slater.

I’ve heard people say he’s won too many. That he should retire. Are they right?

SM: No, he should keep going as long as his muscles don’t tire out and he can’t surf anymore. 

How about you, Austin?

AM: I don’t want to be a professional surfer. When I grow up, I want to be one of those James Bond guys that adventures everywhere and know all the languages. 

That’s pretty awesome. But will you still surf?

Austin: Yeah!