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“Medicine and science will certainly aid in surgery and healing, but there is always another level to recovery that includes personality and spirit.”

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Dr. Todd Gerlach is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose practice features an on-site, AAAASF-certified surgical suite, allowing all phases of a procedure to take place under one roof. He has earned a solid reputation for his surgical skills, delivering natural results by approaching every procedure—small or large—with the same attention to detail. He personally administers every injection, laser treatment and follow-up visit with a compassionate bedside manner, attentive care and natural results. In practice for 12 years, Dr. Gerlach trained in general surgery in Chicago, plastic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and microsurgery in San Francisco.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“I absolutely love helping patients meet their body goals. Their confidence is stunning.”

Any recommendation for an anti-aging device?

“Maintain what you have now—whether it be physical fitness or skin care. Start now.”

What information do you wish to impart to every patient who comes to your office?

“An informed decision is a good decision. I really want patients to feel comfortable with me and the information they receive. It breaks my heart when patients come to us after surgery from elsewhere for a `do-over.’ Nine times out of 10, they admit they felt rushed to make a decision or didn’t really understand the procedure. It may seem simple, but knowledge is everything. Patients will always have a clear picture of their surgery, recovery and result after their consultation with me. That is why I offer free consultations.”

What’s one trend that is defining your specialty today?

“Less invasive procedures are always progressing and constantly improving. Surgery is not always the answer; many ancillary procedures and products can accomplish more than ever before.” 

“What do you like to do for fun, when you’re not at work? 

“I enjoy walking through the many local nature trails with my dog.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?  

“Knowing that something I can provide is improving someone’s life. Whether it is a mommy makeover or reconstructing a person’s face after an accident, the rewards are plentiful, knowing that the medical service I provide can carry beyond the medicine and affect a person’s well-being and overall happiness.”

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