The Collectors

For these South Bay residents, accumulating fine art is more than a financial asset … it’s an investment in culture.


Vicki and Seth Kogan (Manhattan Beach)

Why We Collect

We love the emotion and joy that a piece of art can bring to a home and foster a medium that is in danger of being lost. We support young LA artists and follow their careers, creating relationships with the artists that we own by visiting their studios and getting to know them. Having art in your home brings happiness, color and whimsy into your living space.

Whom We Collect

Alex Prager, Arne Svenson, Ori Gersht, Pae White, Richard Mosse, Daniel Arsham, Matthew Brandt, Matt Saunders, Kota Ezawa, Marco Breuer, Hank Willis Thomas, Mel Bochner, Donald Moffett, Glenn Kaino and Anthony Pearson.

The Standout

We love our large photographic piece by Alex Prager. It shows a street crowd scene, presumably in LA, with all the color and characters that live here. We especially love that the particular figure that she uses as her “muse” is not the one your eye is drawn to first.

Conversation Starter

We both love the Daniel Arsham Standing Figure that we have in the entry. It is a broken glass and resin, life-size sculpture of the artist himself. He surprises and greets you or your guests as you come into the house and has proved to be very controversial. His posture and hand placement have different interpretations, depending on the age of the person, and can prove to be very entertaining.





Joe Baker (Rancho Palos Verdes)

Why I Collect

As an artist, collecting art is a natural process and a result of an insatiable curiosity about the world.

Selected Works

I have a very eccentric collection—spanning contemporary to historic and including works by Paul Jean Martel, Aaron Sheppard, George Dunbar, Bill Dambrova, Suzani textiles, early Korean pottery, Shearwater pottery, American Indian basketry and beadwork, South Asian Buddha figures and modernist ceramics, among others.

Favorite Genre

I am currently intrigued by mid-century works.

I Seek

Originality—that’s the key.

The Value

By investing in art, we are supporting creativity and human spirit.  





Eva and Brian Sweeney (Manhattan Beach)


A few years after we were married, Eva’s brother, Bernhard Zuenkeler—who knows quite a bit about art, finally got up the nerve to ask why we had so few original works on our walls. We asked him what he thought we should collect, and he provided us with a list of the top 25 artists.

Our Taste

We are attracted to a diverse range of art across mediums and centuries, particularly landscapes, works with buildings and nudes.

Pièce de Résistance

We have a terrific 1974 drawing of Christo’s Running Fence leaving the Sonoma shore and traveling into the Pacific Ocean. We have acquired considerable oceanfront property and have dealt with the Coastal Commission along the way, so we admired Christo’s determination to complete the Running Fence project despite government opposition.

Great Potential

Those who commit to art as a career typically have a huge struggle finding a market for their works. Eva and I like the idea of assisting those who enter the struggle, as we believe that they have much to offer toward the nurturing of a civil society. A world without art would be very boring and stifling.

Art Exchange

For over a decade we have sponsored artist travel by encouraging those we have met and admire to visit us in Los Angeles. Artists from the Far East and Europe have enjoyed the opportunity. Initially we put them up in a spare home, but now we can offer the artist-in-residence suite at The El Segundo Museum of Art.


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