The Healthy Cookie?

There’s no controversy surrounding this treat: 100% vegan, mostly organic and bursting with 22 ingredients. (Is that saffron I detect?) Every bite supports a healthy ethos we can all get on board with. So go ahead … be a cookie monster. And savor the chewy goodness that Hermosa Pie & Cake Company’s Chef David has baked with pride.

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    Katrina Zawojski

Did you know that the amount of potassium in one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is equivalent to three bananas? That’s good news for your heart if you indulge in this treat, because diets that are high in potassium tend to result in lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Blackstrap molasses is also a raw form of sugar, so your body can easily metabolize it. 

The essential fatty acids found in the sesame seeds and poppy seeds are processed and used by your body to restore and repair cartilage, nerve tissue and connective tissue between the walls of your abdomen and intestines or outside the walls of the abdomen and surrounding muscle. Another benefactor is myelin, the fatty layer that lines every nerve in your body and is in charge of protecting your nerves from your muscles. 

When available, the medjool dates are imported all the way from Egypt and are packed with vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy bone development and strength. Consuming selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium all help give a boost to your bones! 

A touch of olive oil makes a world of difference. Chef David only bakes with coconut oil and olive oil—two types of fats that are essential oils and thus easily processed by our bodies.  

You can thank the starch in the plantain family for holding this cookie together. Bananas are also a natural source of vitamin A, which plays a leading role in the health of our immune systems. 

Mixing cranberries, golden raisins and figs into the batter adds a little sweetness to every bite. A careful dose of six herbs—cinnamon, saffron, fenugreek, anise, clove and nutmeg—is mixed together so no one herb overshadows the other and the flavors are in complete harmony. 

By avoiding the use of animal products, this cookie won’t spoil! It packs well and lasts long, which is why the U.S. Women’s National Indoor Volleyball Team recently scooped up a few batches before leaving the country.

The abundance of fiber found in the almonds, pecans and walnuts will do wonders for your regularity. This diuretic advantage has appealed to cancer patients who, upon visiting the bakery, have found the easy digestibility and protein-dense properties of the cookie beneficial during recovery.


Talk about Zen!