The PVG Group/Merrill Lynch Wealth Management/Bank of America Corporation

Larry K. Prutch, CPM®, CFP®, CIMA®, Senior Vice President–Investments, Cengiz N. Volkan, CPM®, CIMA®, Senior Vice President–Investments, Alan E. Goldstein, First Vice President–Investments

550 Silver Spur Road, Suite 200 in Rolling Hills Estates | 877-859-3637 |

The Prutch, Volkan & Goldstein Group (The PVG Group), a team of wealth management advisors based in Southern California, provides a full range of wealth management consulting and advisory services to individuals, families, family offices, and foundations.

The team’s mission is to help clients fulfill their dreams by advising them on their financial lives. They strive to establish long-lasting relationships that span generations, and by helping clients preserve, grow and transition wealth, the team earns the opportunity to become clients’ valued advisor and strategic partner. Their disciplined process of wealth management is not just about financial planning, investments, estate planning needs and savings planning; it’s about the client.

Larry, Cengiz and Alan collectively have more than 88 years of experience in financial services industry.

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“Our team, supported by the expansive resources of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management/Bank of America Corporation, can move quickly and efficiently to address your many financial needs. Larry, Cengiz and Alan are complemented by a team of six skilled professionals. In addition, we are able to access an extensive network of specialists focused on solutions for our clients.”

What is the biggest benefit that your clients gain from working with you?

“We ask clients important, probing questions that they might not ask themselves. Discovery is an exercise that helps us understand clients’ vision of their financial future. We provide upfront and honest answers to our clients. We excel in superior personalized service. We act as advocates on behalf of our clients. We are committed to providing unbiased advice for the best interest of our clients.”

“We are the team to whom clients turn for strategies and solutions.”

What is the biggest challenge facing your clients today and how do you help?

“Navigating through the complexities of and stress of their financial decisions in constantly changing financial environment is an enormous challenge to clients. Overriding concerns include: Will I out live my assets? How to effectively transfer wealth to the next generation? How do I manage the prospect of increasing taxes? We help guide clients from a state of financial confusion to financial peace of mind. An individualized wealth management strategy—with well-formulated goals and realistic, defined expectations—is the foundation of preserving and building wealth over time.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“Without a doubt, the great long-time client relationships we have built over the years. The PVG Group’s mission is to help clients fulfill their dreams by advising them on their financial lives. By helping them grow, preserve and transition wealth, we earn the opportunity to become their valued advisor and strategic partner. We strive to establish long-lasting client relationships that span generations. We have been successfully helping our clients fulfill their dreams for over 25 years.”

How do you give back to your community?

“As financial advisors, we believe true wealth not only depends on significant assets but on having the freedom to live a life that embodies your goals and values. And we feel that our community deserves these opportunities as well. So in 2010, we formed The PVG Foundation: an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved children in the South Bay area. On July 15, our foundation held its second annual bike giveaway in conjunction with The Boys & Girls Club of South Bay. To participate, children ages 7 to 18 wrote an essay explaining why they wanted their own bike, how it would improve their lives and how they would care for it. We were touched—but not surprised—by the responses and the meaning a new bike can bring to a child’s life. And we were once again humbled by our community’s unwavering support. Our hope of impacting a few children’s lives transformed into a community block party where more than 100 children from challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds received their very own Trek bicycles.”

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