The South Bay identical twins get a close up.

Double exposure.

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    Kat Monk

Clara Liang and Vivi Liang

7 Months, Hermosa Beach

“It is so special to observe how similar they are but watch them develop their own personalities. Each girl already has her own unique way. The best bond I saw was Clara had to stay in the NICU for 2½ weeks. When we finally brought her home, both girls seemed to instantly relax when they had each other back. Also they sleep in separate cribs but are happy to be back next to each other in the morning!” — Mom Aly

Noah Murray and Nathan Murray

9, Manhattan Beach

“I love being a twin because I have an unbreakable bond with my brother that no one else understands.” — Nathan

Cassandra Papp and Grace Papp

3, Torrance

“As babies they would babble and laugh together, sharing secrets we couldn’t understand. As toddlers they sing and snuggle and share stories that we listen to over the monitor as they fall asleep. I never tire of watching them interact.” — Mom Alissa

Lisa Galien and Lee Bakos

Early 50s, Manhattan Beach

“We always support each other in our lives, but more importantly we have a friendship that will endure forever.” — Lee

Kelly Boyd and Alex Boyd

13, Palos Verdes

“It’s funny because Kelly and I are completely opposite, but we suit each other so well. I’m type B; she’s type A. I love her because she actually understands me, and I can be myself around her.” — Alex

Derek Brewer and Keith Brewer

40s, Manhattan Beach

“You always have someone you can trust when you have a twin.” — Derek

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