The Wailea Workout

Take a Hawai‘ian vacation that restores your mojo without sacrificing your sacred fitness routine.

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    Darren Elms


I have many a gym-fanatic friend who fears vacation. Wait, come again? Who doesn’t look forward to a week (or more) to detach from real life and recharge your batteries?

According to a buddy who recently committed to a two-week adventure across Italy with his girlfriend, the problem for him comes down to fitness. The idea of no gym, no classes or a prolonged break in his daily diet and workout routine sends shivers up his toned and muscled back.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to go to Italy. He’s just afraid all that pasta and wine … sans exercise … will leave him flabby and unfocused. That’s totally valid. But what if you could vacation and stay trim, or even kick up the workout a notch while you’re away?

Many resorts across the states are upping their health and wellness game, introducing specialty classes, local activities and calorie-conscious cuisine to their restaurants. One property that’s nailing the concept on all fronts is the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui.

Gone are the days of the occasional visit to the fitness center to work off those mai tais and taro rolls from the night before. Not only do they provide guests with abundant exercise opportunities that get you outside and absorbing some vitamin D, they have redesigned their menus to accommodate diet-conscious guests.





If you’re imagining a couple salads here and a gluten-free pancake there, think again. There are so many fitness-friendly items on their menus that they may rival the regular offerings in size and satisfaction.

In addition to plantation-inspired favorites that combine Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese dishes, Ko Restaurant offers a separate (and abundant) selection of delicious items featuring everything from raw and vegan to gluten-free and heart-healthy. Enjoying one (or three) of these tasty dishes will make indulging in that tropical cocktail a little less shameful.

“Our goal is to connect our guests to their passions, distinct mana (power or energy) of the islands and unique culture of Hawai‘i.”

You’ll find a similar pattern of exceptional healthy eats on other menus at the resort, beginning with breakfast and lasting to late-night room service. Just watch the carbs at 1 a.m.

This year Fairmont debuted Inspire Your Energy, a curated fitness and wellness program designed to motivate and challenge all guests—from the experienced athlete to those embarking on a new personal journey. Led by the resort’s energy ambassador, American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer Ty Roberts, the program pushes the wellness concept by offering energizing and personalized experiences along with an expanded schedule of daily fitness classes.

“Our goal is to connect our guests to their passions, distinct mana (power or energy) of the islands and unique culture of Hawai‘i,” shares Roberts, who left a highly successful career of project management in the software industry to follow his passion of fitness and wellness by pursuing his personal trainer certification.

Featured fitness classes designed to inspire and maximize the ideal location of the resort include yoga, mind body barre, boot camp, meditation breathing, aqua fitness and more.

Personal training sessions with Roberts and a team of professional instructors are available to provide customized experiences, as are seasonal well-being excursions including floating yoga.

For a complete wellness retreat, guests can also rebalance their energy with restorative treatments at the Willow Stream Spa. It’s an especially nice choice after working out your arms on a guided Hawaiian Canoe Experience. No regrets.