Tips for creating your own gallery wall

“I love art in general because I feel like it’s the one thing that can most set apart a space,” says vintage art expert Anna Hackathorn

“I love art in general because I feel like it’s the one thing that can most set apart a space,” says vintage art expert Anna Hackathorn. “Art is such a great way to make a home personal and unique, and it’s the finishing touch that really pulls everything together. I love when it looks like it’s been collected over time.”

Frame of Mind
I often find vintage paintings at flea markets where the frames are in good shape, but sometimes they can use a little TLC. If the mat is in good shape and has an interesting quality, try just finding another frame in the same size. In most cases, a fresh white or off-white mat makes a world of difference.

Consider Color & Style
It’s a matter of personal taste. I usually try to make a frame work with the art itself before I try to make it work with the room, but that consideration can be a close second. When in doubt, go with something simple. There is no need to make a huge statement with a frame if you love the piece of art.

Make it Cohesive
There are so many great ways to do a gallery wall. You can choose all watercolors, frames with the same color or a consistent theme of art with hues of blue. Embrace it. Make it simple or make it eclectic.

Power in Numbers
As a general starting point, begin with about five pieces of art for the wall. I think that’s the minimum, and it doesn’t all have to be symmetrical. I don’t think there’s a maximum number of pieces.

Mix it Up
I like a mix of original art and reproduction pieces. And it’s more affordable that way. Sometimes I like things that are framed—or some are framed and some not framed—and use different shapes and sizes so it’s not all perfect.

Art Sources Anna Loves
Local flea markets including Pasadena City College, Long Beach Antique Market, Rose Bowl and Santa Monica;; Artfully Walls;;;

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