Tout Sweet

A few of our baker’s favorite things.


White ceramic egg tray (1), $16, and Creative Co-Op stacked pastel colored measuring cups (2), $18; both at French Farmhouse in Redondo Beach  |


BEST 10-inch balloon wood handle whisk (3), $10.49, AMCO rustproof measuring spoons (4), $13.99, BIA 3-ounce white ramekin (5), $1.90, S.A.L.T Sisters gourmet cane sugar in vanilla bean (6), $8.95, Vollrath #12 disher with green handle (7), $13.99, Le Creuset red maple syrup pitcher (8), $11.99, Ann Clark assorted snowflake and gingerbread man cookie cutters (9), $1.25 and $1.45, Le Creuset pie bird (10), $7.99, Nordicware 6-cup original bundt pan (11), $30; all at The Catalina Cooking Store in Redondo Beach  |


Bite-size gluten-free raspberry and matcha dacquoise (12), $2.95 or $12.95 for 5; Kirari West Bake Shop in Redondo Beach  |



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