Tropical Heat Wave

Forget June gloom …these brilliant orange, blue and green designs will warm up your weekend, no matter the three-day forecast.

1. Blanket
    Fringe in Redondo Beach

2.  Leather flower purse
     Lemons & Sugar in Palos Verdes

3.  Glass float
    Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach

4.  Jewel necklace
    Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach

5. Striped Espadrille
    Ava + Aliria in Manhattan Beach

6. Peacock tray
    Lemons & Sugar in Palos Verdes

7. Coral Beads
    Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach

8. Turquoise cuff
    Maison Luxe in Hermosa Beach

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