Two Wheels, Will Travel

Kevin Wilkerson of Beach Cities Bike Tours shares
his favorites stops from Redondo to El Porto.

Redondo Beach Pier

Forever in need of a makeover but with a few gems like Old Tony’s and its legendary Fire Chief drink.



The Redondo/ Hermosa Border (by the Chart House)

Second best surf spot in the South Bay.



Hermosa Beach Pier

My tour points out the lifestyle, dining and drinking options including happy hours, the history of the adjacent old Biltmore hotel (did you know a measure to rebuild it in the ‘90s lost by a single vote?) and the tribute area to the Challenger shuttle and astronaut who lived in the South Bay.



90210 Beach House

This prime location was also used in the film My Stepmother Is An Alien starring Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger.



Manhattan Beach Pier

The “Wimbledon of Beach Volleyball,” the sand from Manhattan Beach was used to create Waikiki Beach in Oahu.



El Porto

I used to live here for many years. Best South Bay surf spot and location for the movies like 2012 and Blow. It has long and colorful history. Don’t miss the rotating rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame that is the band at Pancho’s.