Valerie Sartini

Valerie Sartini designs interiors for everything from new construction to simple bathroom remodels.

Valerie Sartini designs interiors for everything from new construction to simple bathroom remodels. She majored in art and design at San Diego State University and went on to work with one of the top young, innovative design firms designing model homes. There she found that she loved variety and creativity in that kind of work and opened her own business. 14 years later, Sartini and her staff of five or more–depending on the project—have worked on such projects as a group of model homes for the Prince of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, mixing traditional American elements with elaborate carvings and gilding. Currently she’s working on a contemporary home in Manhattan Beach in conjunction with the architect and builder.


“I see design inspiration everywhere. An inspirational palette may come from a trip to the farmers market or a walk on the beach. Design ideas frequently come from the beautiful architecture I see locally or when I travel. It’s what I love, so I look at the world that way.”


“I love that here in California we’re able to open our doors and expand our living space almost all year long, creating that easy-going, casual vibe we all love. Using traditionally indoor elements outside—like candles, chandeliers, oversized pillows and music—makes the boundaries of our home disappear. And bringing nature inside with fresh cut flowers or a ginger jar full of fresh herbs provides wonderful warmth and the fragrances that come from outdoors.”


“I believe a house is not a home until it’s filled with the love and energy of a family. A house is a dwelling; a home is created by the people who inhabit it. When I work with a family, it’s important that they’re able to express themselves through the design process. The finishing touches are often what create the magic.”

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