Vox Populi

What the South Bay’s talking about.









“We witnessed history!”

—Karin, Palos Verdes
(about the arrival of Endeavor in Los Angeles)

“Cost to transport across Los Angeles: over $10 million.”

—Emily, Hermosa Beach (also about Endeavor)

“LA County is the only place so far that you can’t tailgate. If this stadium allows you, it will be a Christmas miracle.”

—Joe, Redondo Beach

“No splitting hairs here—it would be great to have a local team. But there is already a slight traffic issue as is. Imagine a Monday night (er, afternoon) game?! I say go for it and let the chips fall where they may.”

—Stephan, Hermosa Beach
(on the pros and cons of the planned Farmer’s Field in Downtown LA)

“Do we get the Raiders back?”

—Matthew, Torrance

“Now would not be a good time to run down the street with your shirt off holding a flat screen TV.”

—Mark, Hermosa Beach (during a helicopter and door-to-door search for a burglary suspect in Manhattan Beach)

“I lived in Hermosa Beach at one time for a short period of 21 years. When I was on vacation from work three times a year, people would ask me, ‘Where are you going?’ I would reply, ‘Just staying home.’”

—Wayne, former Hermosa resident