Vox Populi

What the South Bay’s talking about.

What happens when the South Bay meets the “Polar Vortex”.

“Hoodies up. Must be freezing.”— Jenny

“Now this is what I call winter! In SoCal anyway.”— Susan

“Whatever. You guys in SoCal are wimps!”— Maria, West Virginia


CVS Caremark decides to end all tobacco sales!

“If health is the main goal of the company, when will the soda, beer, snacks and candy stop being sold?”– James, Torrance

“Perhaps to be replaced somewhere down the road with medicinal or legalized pot.”— Bob


Manhattan Beach real estate prices are again going up, up, up!

“Been here since the early ‘80s. Full of engineers, and you could buy a house for $300k. Now? Makes me sad what it’s become.”— Melissa, Manhattan Beach

“I’ve heard every tile saw, jackhammer, staple gun, cement truck … I miss the sleepy, laid-back MB, but it’s still a great place to live!”— Sarah, Manhattan Beach

“Funny, I grew up here as a kid and could not wait to get away and did so at 18. Now as a visiting adult, I can’t figure out what I was in a hurry to get away from.”— Kerri, Manhattan Beach


“I should have picked my run heading south!”— Mirta, Manhattan Beach, after discovering the Seattle Seahawks trained on the sands of Hermosa Beach


Remember that picture of the shark (or was it a dolphin?) photographed in waves off Hermosa Beach?

“I think I’ll hold off on those surf lessons.”— Juanita, Manhattan Beach

“Didn’t the boys photobomb the shark?”— Dawn, Torrance

“It actually is a dolphin.”— Tracy, Hermosa Beach

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