Vox Populi

What the South Bay’s talking about.

“When I called my missed interviews today, they were thrilled because they said that saving a Komodo dragon is the best excuse they’ve everhad for a missed call.”

–Suzanna, Palos Verdes (after braking for a stray Komodo dragon on 4th and Manhattan Avenue)

“We found her. She’s got the dragon on 4th.”

–Manhattan Beach police officer (on radio to station soon after)


“There wasn’t any available parking even back then either!”

–Allison, Manhattan Beach (upon viewing a ‘50s-era postcard of Downtown MB)




“30-somethings rock. Moms rock. Strong females rock. And yes, women can successfully compete in the world and remain friends!”

–Courtney, El Segundo (on Misty’s and Kerri’s third Olympic gold medal)










“I am a Bruin wife with a Trojan husband (both ‘71), one daughter and two sons. Daughter says, ‘Mother, how could you have done that?’”

–Sandra, Manhattan Beach



“Walk With Sally is an awesome org, and we loved rocking out for them!”

–Smash Mouth (after performing at this year’s White Light White Night)