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Douglas O. Baker, Financial Advisor

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For Doug Baker, developing a unique focus for financial planning, asset management and resourcing services for the special needs, disabled and autism communities came naturally. As a parent of a 21-year-old-son affected by autism and as an advocate for school inclusion and “buddy” programs, he realized the need for families to work with someone who understands their challenges and shares their dreams first-hand. Doug previously spent 20 years in software technology sales working with bottom-line financial systems savings. He later applied his passion for health and fitness to his own company and developed performance training programs for high school athletes and non-wheelchair bound special needs students. Eight years later, he found his new calling.

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“I am a financial advisor who specializes in servicing the special needs communities, though I always welcome the opportunity to serve traditional families and businesses.”

What inspired you to become a financial advisor for the special needs communities?

“Three years ago when my son, Scott, finished high school, I was compelled to seriously plan for his long-term future. My advisor at the time did not understand planning for special needs. I sought other advisors who could guide me through the complicated process, but I did not find that person. It is a service that I wanted and a service most special needs families need in some form or another.”

What is your best piece of investment advice?

“Have global awareness. The world has changed, and so have the rules in our financial markets. Our biggest and best corporations operate globally and are affected by large foreign market fluctuations. America no longer dominates resources and manufacturing output. We are living in a world drastically different than the world most of us grew up in.” 

What is the biggest benefit your clients gain from working with you?

“I offer my clients extensive experience, strategies and ongoing management services that can be adjusted according to changes in legislation, services, lifestyle, and market conditions.”


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