Water & Wood Opening Night 2019

The South Bay Artist Collective kicked off their third annual Water and Wood exhibit Saturday, February 9th at Resin Gallery

On Feb. 9th, Southbay magazine and the South Bay Artist Collective celebrated the third annual “Water and Wood” exhibit; which featured 93 local artists and photographers, with 115 original pieces. The show was held in Hermosa Beach at Resin Gallery.

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Silvio Correa & Doug Howarth, Managing Partners, Drew Hager, Chef

The concept of Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ started with a 14-year-old Silvio Correa grilling his famous BBQ at back yard parties in his native Sao Paulo, Brazil, after long days at the beach surfing. In 2000, Silvio left Brazil for Southern California and worked odd jobs while dreaming of opening his own restaurant.

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Written/Edited by Michele Garber Each year a flurry of new health and wellness trends emerges in our collective conscience—many of them in direct conflict with another. There is a steady din of do’s and don’ts primed to confuse the heck out of us. Eat a plant-based diet. Plants make you sick. Paleo. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Only […]

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