We Heart Chocolate

The sweet Valentine staple with year-round appeal comes in many shapes, styles and confections.

WINNER! Brownie

Mayers Bakery, Rolling Hills Estates
Why It’s Good
Bert: Buttery chocolate.
Trish: The hidden chocolate chips!

Room for Improvement?
Bert: Add a toasted nut to open up chocolate flavors.
Kate: A larger piece so I could have more.

Best Beverage Pairing
Kate: Milk.
Trish: Coffee with lots of cream.

Chocolaty Scale (10 highest): 9


Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake

Frosted Cupcakery, Hermosa Beach
Why It’s Good
Bert: Who doesn’t love a cupcake?
Kate: The frosting.

Room for Improvement?
Trish: Make cake a tad sweeter.
Bert: Add some citrus zest or juice to make more cutting-edge.

Best Beverage Pairing
Bert: Salted caramel Frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso.
Trish: Cold milk.

Chocolaty Scale (10 highest): 8


French Macaron

Yellow Vase, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes
Why It’s Good
Trish: The ganache filling and the cute, petite size.
Bert: Creative.

Room for Improvement?
Bert: More chocolate.
Kate: Nothing.

Best Beverage Pairing
Bert: Irish coffee.
Trish: A glass of Champagne.

Chocolaty Scale (10 highest): 6.7



Elleni Couture & Chocolate, Manhattan Beach
Why It’s Good
Bert: Great look and fancy.
Trish: It’s like a piece of artwork!

Room for Improvement?
Kate: Too rich for me.
Bert: A design for both genders.

Best Beverage Pairing
Trish: Prosecco.
Bert: Godiva and vodka martini.

Chocolaty Scale (10 highest): 8.7


The Judges:

Kate Condren

Hermosa Beach

Bert S. Agor

Chef at Kincaid’s Restaurant
Redondo Beach

Trish Procetto

Director of tours and research
Playa Del Rey

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