What a Trip!

Vacation guru Sue Schloeder of TravelStore in Palos Verdes Estates shares six travel tips.


1. Check Passports  

Be sure your passports are current. This means they do not expire until after you return from your vacation. In fact, some countries require that your passport be valid at least three months past your travel dates.


2. Take Health Precautions  

If you are traveling out of the country to exotic destinations, contact your doctor’s office as soon as you book your trip. They may suggest necessary medications or immunization shots, depending on your destination.


3. Notify Credit Cards  

Let your credit card company know that you may be making purchases outside your state/country and the dates of your travel.


4. Airline Requirements 

A few weeks prior to your trip, read over check-in procedures and baggage allowances for the airline you will be flying. 


5. Get Travel Insurance 

With vacation insurance you can reschedule your vacation due to illness, death in the family or weather conditions. In some cases, travel insurance can cover costs due to delays, illness or other emergencies while you are on your vacation. 


6. Find a Travel Agent

A great travel agent is still your best bet. They offer firsthand knowledge, experience and value-added perks that will save you time, money and your sanity. And should volcanic ash or a hurricane cross your path, having an advocate to call is invaluable. Bon voyage!

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