What the South Bay’s wearing for Fall 2017

Street Smart: It’s what the South Bay’s wearing.

Peter Tripp

Manhattan Beach Commercial Real Estate Banker and Investor

Personal Style:

“Yuppy thug. Street meets work.” 


Lauren Drescher and her son, Owyn Bennett 

Old Torrance
Freelance Interior Designer and Full-Time Content Manager at NYX Professional Makeup

Personal Style:

“I am all about mixing and matching prints and textures. Currently I’m obsessed with jewel tones and patent leather. Also a serial Zara addict at its finest with a touch of vintage from weekend antique fair finds frequented with Owyn.” 


Malia Melvin

Hermosa Beach
Mother of Three and Owner of Blue Giant

Personal style:

“Ballerina + bohemian + rocker. I am all about comfort, comfort, comfort … with a little side of anything animal print.”


Anne Marie M. Crotty

Hermosa Beach
Believer, Wife, Mom of Three and Photographer

Personal Style: 

“Easy, simple and nothing too fussy. Sometimes it’s fun to incorporate statement pieces like these boots, which my husband finally bought for me after years of me protesting that I would never wear them. He won.”