What’s in Your Fridge?

We go where only few have gone before: inside South Bay home refrigerators. Three locals with three different lifestyles … let’s see how their contents measure up.

The Health Nut


Redondo Beach
Owner of formu+La pilates+juice

Eating habits: I eat like an Indian, well, with a VitaMix and cold-press juicer.
Home-cooked meal or take-out: In: 75%; eat out farm-to-table style: 25%.
At grocery store: I use Farm Fresh to You (organic fruits and veggies delivered to my doorstep twice a month), so I only shop twice a month at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.
Average grocery bill: $65.
Item you’ll always see in my fridge: Truffle and coconut oil. I put that on everything.
Item you’ll never see: Soda.


The Bachelor


Manhattan Beach
Technology Consultant/Sales

Eating habits: I eat out a lot for work and with friends. Cooking at home is for a BBQ or late-night snacks.
Home-cooked meal or take-out: Take-out or go out.
At grocery store: Once a week.
Average grocery bill: $100 to $150.
Items you’ll always find in my fridge: Alcohol and coconut water.
Items you’ll never see: Peas, unless I need an ice pack; and milk, unless it’s a White Russian kind of evening






The Family Planner


Hermosa Beach
Owner of Simple Gourmet

Eating habits: Healthy, local, sustainable.
Home-cooked meal or take-out: Definitely cook at home!
At grocery store: Once a week.
Average grocery bill: $300 per week.
Item you’ll always find in my fridge: Avocados.
Item you’ll never see: Soft drinks.









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