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Redondo Beach welcomes a new coffee roaster with Colombian and Swedish roots.

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    Darren Elms

Contributing to the mission of keeping the South Bay consistently caffeinated, The Fika Company opened a roastery and storefront in Redondo Beach on July 7. Focusing only on quality coffees from Colombia by variety, single origin and cup profile, Columbian-born owner Andres Pineros wanted to give back to the farms that were accessible to him growing up.

Thus all of the specialty Colombian coffees are direct traded—meaning the farmers get 100% of the income when they purchase their coffees, and no third parties are involved in the purchasing. Direct trade helps improve the farms and farmers’ living standards and infrastructure, while also acting as a motivator to produce better quality coffee in each new harvest. 

The exclusive coffees are shipped directly to Fika from Colombia and carefully roasted in small batches of 5 kilos. On a Diedrich IR-5 installed in full view of patrons, Andres himself roasts the Colombian-grown coffee for retail, wholesale and to be prepped and served from the café counter a few feet away. The bar is equipped with a three-group La Marzocco Strada EE, custom-painted matte black to match the black and copper colors of Fika’s branding.

The Fika Company was founded in 2012 by Andres in a gourmet food court in the Colombian city of Villavicencio, about 60 miles outside Bogotá. Andres moved from Colombia to Sweden in 2009 at age 24 and discovered “fika” there. One of Sweden’s most well-known terms, fika means a coffee break accompanied by a small bite to eat.

“We’ll take our coffee with a side of sustainability any day.”

“Fika isn’t just a coffee break,” shares Andres. “It’s a moment to slow down and really appreciate everything in life that is simple and good. A strong and fragrant cup of coffee, a perfectly flaky pastry, a relaxed chat with friends. It’s all fika.”

Andres brought the fika concept home to Colombia a few years later, at which point he began roasting and selling fine coffees in his hometown that were proudly grown and processed in his home nation. And though that café is still running, he relocated once again to Long Beach in 2014 and began expanding his enterprise.

Now locals here in the South Bay can get their own taste of fika, with everything from the classics to more unique beverages—such as the Nordic Lights brew topped with whipped cream and honey. In addition, Fika serves classic Swedish pastries for the carb-friendly among us.
In the coming months, the roastery is planning to host several events spotlighting each visiting farmer, providing the South Bay with a unique look at what really goes into making a single cup of coffee. Says Andres, “We’ll take our coffee with a side of sustainability any day.”

350 N. Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach, thefikacompany.com