Whistle Stop

Hot or iced, this Manhattan Beach shop and café is our cup of tea

When The Tea Exchange was founded in 2004, Ginny and Harvey Durand spent the first three years educating themselves on their new passion. They brewed, they blended, they iced and they met with the suppliers of their product before even opening a storefront. Although their first concept store launched in Lake Arrowhead, the former Redondo Beach residents knew they needed to bring their love for tea back to the South Bay.

“The customer profile for tea is educated, health-conscious individuals,” says Ginny. “We knew the South Bay fit that profile.” With the help of local business partners, they debuted their selection of more than 130 teas to Manhattan Beach last summer with a retail café at Metlox Center.

At The Tea Exchange, getting the perfect cup of tea is all about temperature, time and tea quality. Using loose tea rather than bags, water touches all sides of the leaves to maximize color and flavor. Each batch is brewed to order in individual servings to ensure the best results.

“We have customers from England, India, China, Japan and Argentina tell us all the time our teas and our drinks are some of the best in the world,” shares Ginny. “Those are pretty high compliments coming from people where tea is the number one drink in their country next to water.”

Immune Boost Green Tea From their Healthy Living Teas, this low-caffeine green tea is full of vitamins A, B and C and offers antioxidants to help support healthy immune function. Organic and great hot or cold! $6.90 an ounce. Rooibos Rush The pure taste of the African Red Bush with a robust, fruity infusion of refreshing tropical flavors. It’s naturally caffeine-free with vitamins and minerals that are good for the body & soul. Organic + free trade. $4 an ounce. Pirate’s Bounty A black tea from the Nilgiri District of India, with coconut, chocolate bits, vanilla and Rooibos. It makes a wonderful afternoon drink or post-dinner dessert tea. Also free trade. $3.40 an ounce.

451 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Metlox Center in Manhattan Beach