Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates

Barry J. Wolstan, MD, Damien F. Goldberg, MD, T. Mai Phan, MD,, F. Jacob Khoubian, MD, Cindy Wilde, OD

23600 Telo Ave., Suite 100 , Torrance | 310-543-2611  | wolstaneye.com

Services Offered: Comprehensive eye exams, cataract surgery, premium lens implants, LASIK/PRK/Visian ICL™,  cosmetic surgery (eyelids, Botox®, Latisse®), CLIA-approved FDA clinical studies facility



What is your area of specialty?

“We are proud that we do not have just one area of specialty. When Dr. Wolstan started this practice in 1979, he sought to create a true family vision care center that could be your one-stop shop for eye care. The practice has been built by a keenly picked team of subspecialists—experts in their field—to establish a comprehensive eye care team that treats all eye diseases.”


What is unique about your style and technique?

“Our doctors feel it is important to balance a combination of technology and personal care. If there is a new way to perform a task and the safety of that method is proven, we want it available for our patients. But no matter how technical eye care may become, we want our patients to know that their physical and emotional comfort is very important to us.”


What trends are defining your specialty today?

“The first is keeping up with technology that advances at break-neck speed. Our responsibility to our patients is to make sure not only that we have detailed working knowledge of these advancements but are also able to discern which ones are beneficial. The other trend is in making our services more easily accessible for patients who deal with schedule challenges. We have to work smarter, with a special consideration that our patients’ time is as valuable as our own.”


What does the future hold for your practice?

“We are very excited about our continued success with the clinical trials programs. There are some very exciting studies coming up, including trials for glaucoma treatment, dry eye and for one of our previously approved lens implant to study its function within the eye over time.”

Off the Clock With Our Doctors

Shared Tip

2015 is proving to be an exciting year for our doctors. Dr. Wolstan is planning for his next trip to Namibia with Surgical Eye Expeditions this summer, where he will perform likely more than 300 surgeries and further add to his photography portfolio. Last March Dr. Khoubian and his lovely wife welcomed their first son to their family. Dr. Goldberg and his wife continue their busy schedule with their three boys. Dr. Wilde continues to be a full-time mom to her two boys, running between soccer games and visits to the beach.



This is time of year when more people seem to suffer from eyelid problems, ranging from the classic “twitch” to redness and swelling. We are learning more all the time about treatments for eyelid problems, most commonly a condition called blepharitis. One of the products we are recommending for our patients is Avenova™, which is a lid hygiene spray. Its gentle formulation makes it comfortable to use daily, and the spray-bottle application makes using it easy and quick. Another product that seems to help people is tea tree oil. Its natural ingredient seems to help in treating some types of infection. There are now several pre-packaged eyelid cleansers available over-the-counter that contain tea tree oil.


“If there is a new device or technique that will make performing treatments more safe and effective, we want it available to our patients!”


Wolstan & Goldberg are enthusiastic adopters of the newest proven technology. If there is a new device or technique that will make performing treatments more safe and effective, we want it available to our patients! We are thrilled to offer cataract surgery performed with the LenSx laser, now available at Torrance Surgery Center—the only location in the South Bay that has it. This device has been used for many years in LASIK surgery and is now adapted for cataract surgery. So far it has proven highly successful in streamlining cataract surgery, greatly reducing the common risks and greatly increasing the quality of visual result.



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