The trainers at Premier Mind & Body in El Segundo demonstrate exercises you can do at the office.

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    Michael Neveux

Stability Ball

Demonstrated by Tanya

Replace your chair

Plank thrusts


Using your stability ball as your chair will force you to use your own core  strength to sit up straight  with good posture.Start out with glutes engaged and shoulders/forearms on top of the ball. Thrust the ball forward and exhale while tightening your core.Stabilize your midsection while keeping your tailbone and lower lumbar on the ball and shoulders up.  Exhale  and contract the abs as you thrust up.




Demonstrated by Taber

Incline Push-Up

Tricep Dips

Decline Push-Up with Oblique Twist

Place hands on the desk at 45º angle with feet on the ground. Keep your glutes and core engaged the entire movement. 

Inhale on the way down, keeping your shoulders back and allowing your elbows to flare out to the side to engage the chest. Exhale as you press up from the heels of your palms and squeeze the chest.

Place the feet together on the ground and hands behind on the desk so the body is at a 90º angle. 

Inhale as you lower down, keeping the elbows pointing straight back (do not let the elbows flare out to the side). Exhale as you press up to full extension squeezing the triceps. 

Place feet up on the desk with hands on the floor. Engage the core and glutes to prevent lower back strain. 

Inhale as you lower down. Exhale as you press up and draw one knee to the opposite elbow squeezing the obliques. Switch sides and repeat.


Rolling Chair

Demonstrated by Chris

Ab Wheel

Knee Tucks

Hamstring Curls 

Start on your feet with glutes and core engaged while gripping the sides of the rolling desk chair. 

Inhale as you roll the chair away from your body and exhale while contracting the abs as you pull the chair back in.

Start with your hands on the ground and toes on the rolling desk chair. 

As you tuck the knees in, exhale and contract the lower abs. Inhale as you straighten back out. 

Start out lying on your back with your heels on the rolling chair and hand palms down on the ground to stabilize. Keep hips elevated. 

While exhaling, pull heels into your glutes and contract your hamstrings.